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Metal Gear Online gets 'Race Mission' update, promises more for anniversary


We're just about a month away from the one year anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 4's release. In spite of a cumbersome Konami ID system, the game's packaged Metal Gear Online mode has seen a number of add-ons, with no end in sight. On May 12th, MGO players will be able to enjoy a new game mode, "Race Mission," which will be available to "all players, not just those who have purchased SCENE." In this mode, the two teams must protect a certain target while passing through various checkpoints.

It looks as though some major updates are still in the works for the Metal Gear universe. Konami's Brandon Laurino teased PlayStation.Blog readers, stating that the team still has "even more awesome stuff" to celebrate the game's one year anniversary with. What could this entail? We'll let you cook up some conspiracy theories as we count down to June.

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