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Prototype pre-order goodies revealed


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Activision has officially announced the pre-order bonuses for Prototype and, as has become custom, they will depend on where you place your order. Those who pre-order from GameStop will get an action figure of Alex Mercer, the game's main character, complete with jacket-over-a-hoodie style! GameStop pre-orders will also receive a double-sided map / poster.

GameCrazy pre-orders will get a hardcover art book, which contains illustrations of the game's characters, enemies and locations. Amazon orders will receive a Prototype comic from Wild Storm. The comic actually sounds fairly interesting, as it looks at the game's events from the perspective of two police detectives on Alex's trail. As we've reported before, Alex makes a habit of killing or destroying everything around him, so we imagine the cops have their hands full.

Check out hi-res images of the action figure and comic in the gallery below. For now, you'll just have to imagine how sweet the art book looks. Activision sent us an image of the art book. We've added it to the gallery.

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