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Siren: Blood Curse gets price drop, Home Space this week


PlayStation Home is getting its biggest update yet. In addition to the previously revealed StageSet add-on for Home, a brand new Space for Siren: Blood Curse will be available for American audiences. There are a few minigames for users to partake in, like the five-player cooperative "Ward of Despair" that tasks players with completing objectives without a Shibito grabbing any of them. Success will grant each five-man team some Home rewards.

Those of you who don't have the game yet will want to jump on Home next week, on May 12th at 4PM, to participate in the "HorrorBowl" bowling tournament. Everyone that shows up will be given a chance to win a free voucher for the first four episodes of the PSN-exclusive horror game.

Finally, those of who've been waiting for a price drop will be glad to know that Siren: Blood Curse is now available for $29.99. (Four episode packs are available for $10.99 each.)


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