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Trion to debut 'Heroes of Telara' at E3

Trion World Network has confirmed the rumors: it will reveal its first game at E3 next month. Unfortunately, details of its debut offering, Heroes of Telara, are slim, but the press release for the announced MMORPG contained such carefully spun phrases as "limitless new content" and "unprecedented level of rich and dynamic gameplay." So, your guess is as good as ours.

If the name Trion sounds familiar, but you can't think of a single game the company has made, don't feel bad. Trion drama has swept the internet for quite some time. In late 2008, it was revealed the server-based gaming company had raised over $100 million in capital but had yet to release a single title. In late April 2009, Joystiq received a rather inflammatory anonymous tip that Trion president and chief creative officer, Jon Van Canegham, had been removed from his position -- but Trion reps maintain the split was a "natural evolution of the growing company."

Trion World Network is also collaborating with the Sci-Fi Channel (soon to be SyFy) on an MMO/TV hybrid project and recently announced plans to work with developer Petroglyph (of Star Wars: Empire at War fame) on an unnamed MMORTS title.

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