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Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition spotted in its natural habitat


Last year, we idly mused that Success Corp.'s Amazing Animals, a Wii safari game, looked kind of neat. Now, Natsume will give us a chance to experience the kind-of-neatness for ourselves! The company announced today that it has picked up North American publishing rights for the title.

Confirming our previous assumption about the gameplay, Natsume explains that Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition is a wildlife photography game in an African setting. "Each day, [players will] be tasked with completing specific assignments, such as taking pictures of particular animals, groups of animals, or animals engaged in certain actions. Players will see a variety of exotic wildlife on their expedition, including gazelles, gorillas, and elephants." So basically it's Sony's Afrika, but cuter and less likely to be used as a TV demo in electronics stores.

Natsume will be displaying Animal Kingdom at E3. We're so glad Natsume decided upon the Animal Kingdom name, by the way. We've never been happier with a regional name change. The title of the game in Europe is ... Safar'Wii.

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