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The Daily Grind: What do you think of group questing with NPCs?

Lesley Smith

I'm very ambivalent about questing, I have to be 'in the zone' or motivated by some reward, be it loot, lore, money or the kudos of helping out a guildie. Some days I just can't face seeing another giant yellow question mark floating over an NPC's head as I wander Azeroth -- which makes me glad to be level 80. There were times when group quests were more like mini boss fights and the call would go out across the server to an able band of players to help kill one of Gruul's kids or that giant spider in the corner of Terrokar Forest.

However recently, as I worked my way though the Wrath quests, I noticed that rather than making you collar your friends for the group quests, WoW has taken a few leaves out of Guild Wars' book and provided you with the occasional elite NPC or army of earthen to help you down giant elites which would probably pawn you and your friends otherwise. It's a nice mechanic that gets just enough usage in WoW to stop group quests feeling nightmarish. But I wonder, is this mechanic something you'd like to see used in many different MMOs or do you think this works best in Guild Wars? Do you prefer it to the old fashioned group quests or feel like a group should mean a group of players rather than a bunch of NPCs? Speak up, constant readers, and tell us in the comment box.

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