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Fever time: Taito announces European release for Space Invaders Extreme 2, Puzzle Bobble Galaxy


It's a totally exciting week for Space Invaders Extreme. First, the Xbox Live Arcade port was released in North America. Now, the DS sequel is officially headed to Europe, with Square Enix releasing this fall. We guess the company decided not to use the Space Invaders Extreme 2Remix title under which the game was previously listed. SIE 2 features a new "Beginner's Course" in addition to a weird "Bingo" system for unlocking the game's Fever Mode. New music, new power-ups, and "higher stage volume" are also included.

To help tide lucky European gamers over until fall, Taito also announced that it will release Puzzle Bobble Galaxy this summer. It's Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move, with online play and new gameplay modes, including one in which you have a limited number of bubbles, and one in which you have one bubble per stage. The first English screens of both games are available in our galleries!

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