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NTT DoCoMo to get HTC Magic as HT-03A

Chris Ziegler

At a glance, an unassuming little smartphone like the HTC Magic doesn't really seem like it'd stand a chance against the beastly hardware unleashed every season by Japanese carriers, but here's the thing: it's going to be Japan's first released Android phone, which makes it a pretty big deal anyway. A tweaked version of the Magic has just passed the FCC as the HT-03A, falling into line with the classic naming convention employed for HTC handsets on NTT DoCoMo -- and the FCC filing means that it'll have global roaming for frequent flyers. We can't help but feel like the Samsung i7500 is somehow more technologically appropriate to kick off Japan's Android offerings, but hey, we suppose it's a start.

[Via Akihabara News and memn0ck]

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