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All DISH customers with 5 new national HD channels step forward -- not so fast Turbo HD subs


No sooner did DISH Network light up HD feeds for Speed, FX, Fashion TV, Logo and MavTV (as promised) than we started receiving complaints from left-out feeling Turbo HD package subscribers. It appears that being all-high definition with your channel choices means no Speed or FX for you, while the others are on the $10 extra Platinum package. Still, for those on the Classic Silver 200 package and above there's plenty of NASCAR practices, widescreen F1 and Rescue Me enjoyment to be had. DISH is still holding itself out as the HD leader with a claimed 140+ national channels (MSNBC HD confirmed launching in June) but with a price hike failing to gain access to the latest channel lineup additions we're sure there's at least a few customers with differing opinions.

[Thanks, J David]

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