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Ex-Ensemble Studios devs form new studio, working on the iPhone


It appears as though Bruce Shelley's words will not go unfounded, as the fourth Ensemble Studios-spawned development house has outed itself in Newtoy.The studio is already developing its first game, World War Robot, in collaboration with comic book and game industry veteran Ashley Wood.

In fact, the studio says it's trying to foster this kind of behavior, "a new kind of game development," by creatively collaborating with "world class game makers from around the globe," such as Wood. The few pieces of art available so far appear rather conceptual in nature and do little to help explain the gameplay. We do know, however, that it's based on the Ashley Wood paperback of the same name and the concept shots share a distinct look with the art of the book. No matter what, it's always a pleasure to see new studios popping up in the current economy.

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