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FCC Fridays, Saturday edition

Chris Ziegler

Every so often, technical difficulties stop us from delivering FCC Fridays on time, but the way we see it, it's not Friday until we say it is. So on that note, this ain't FCC Saturdays -- it's just FCC Fridays, Saturday edition. As always, enjoy!

Read - Samsung SCH-R560
Read - Samsung S7120U
Read - Samsung 931SC
Read - Samsung SCH-B519
Read - Samsung SGH-F480i
Read - Samsung W8500
Read - Samsung W8400
Read - Samsung SGH-T459a
Read - ZTE A316G+
Read - ZTE C370
Read - ZTE C366
Read - ZTE X767
Read - Huawei U3315h
Read - Huawei V835 / Vodafone 835
Read - LG GW520
Read - LG GR500F
Read - LG RD6150
Read - LG VM265
Read - Beyond E-Tech D8
Read - Sharp SH-05A
Read - Panasonic P-09A
Read - Alcatel OT-103A / OT-203A

Read - Motorola D670
Read - Haier CE100
Read - Option ICON 451
Read - Option ICON 505M
Read - i.Tech Clip ME 304
Read - Novatel Ovation MC935D

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