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Meet Jarle Snertingdalen from AoC's Systems Team

William Dobson

Funcom's Glen "Famine" Swan would like to introduce us all to a member of the Age of Conan development team, Jarle Snertingdalen. Aside from having a fairly superb name, Snertingdalen is also the Associate Producer for AoC's Systems Team. Unsurprisingly, this team deals with a lot of the systems in the game, such as combat, character development, items and loot tables, and RPG systems. The associate producer role has him managing the team, making sure that things are on track, and coordinating with other teams.

We're sure that some of our readers are very interested in career paths in the gaming industry, and Snertingdalen's is revealed to us in the interview. Working with AoC was his first games industry job, and he began as a programmer in the tools department back in 2004. After switching around to a few different roles, including Technical Director, he arrived at his current position. It sounds like he got there just in time to be involved in some massive changes to the game, since patch 1.05 will be altering many of the systems mentioned above. To find out more about Snertingdalen's work on AoC, check out Famine's blog at

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