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Sony Ericsson head talks PlayStation phone, mythical beasts


Okay, okay, we're just kidding -- he doesn't talk about any mythical beasts. But he may as well be, when speaking about the oft rumored, never going to happen "PlayStation phone." Telling the Financial Times (requires subscription), "If we do not adapt to this new technology or new market environment, we're going to lose," Sony Ericsson's president, Hideki Komiyama, has seemingly resurrected the rumor from its smoldering ashes.

Though Sony allegedly has said in the past that a PlayStation-branded phone could only exist independently from the mobile phone maker, the statements made by Komiyama seem to paint a different picture. Though we'll call it unlikely at best, it is possible we'll hear more about this partnership at next month's E3 -- but we're not holding our breath.

[Via CVG]

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