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T-Mobile provides support, good vibes to its iPhone-using clientele

Ross Miller

Despite not being its official US carrier, T-Mobile still seems to wanna maintain an amicable relationship with all those who came over with an iPhone in tow. According to a report by The Consumerist, a recent update to the carrier's voicemail system caused some of the smartphones, including Apple's touchscreens, became unusable, with a volley of blank text messages dated from the future arriving instead. Those who contacted customer service were called later to acknowledge the issue and offered an one month service credit. Said the rep, "T-Mobile, though they do not offer the iPhone, and that they are committed to supporting users on their network who have them" -- not too surprising a stance, but a kind gesture for sure. The problem has since been fixed, and everyone lived happily ever after.

[Via iLounge]

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