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Breakfast Topic: Mothers' Day edition


I know you're out there! WoW moms, like me, getting your Azeroth fix in when not making meals, reading stories and otherwise performing all of your maternal duties. Hopefully you are enjoying a nice sleep-in right now, maybe some breakfast in bed. May your day be filled with flowers, candy, jewelry and/or clay-blobs that are supposed to be frogs, hearts or whatever they are making these days instead of ashtrays. Enjoy your day and I know you'll make sure your mom is appreciated today, too.

To all you non-maternal Azerothians: after taking care of orphans for a week, or subjecting them to atrocities, whichever... perhaps you have more of an appreciation of what motherhood is about? Or not. But still, today is the day to show your mom that you appreciate her (or remember her fondly if she is no longer with us). Even if she isn't the greatest, she is still responsible for your existence, if not your monthly payment to Blizzard. So, give a call/flowers/chocolates or, if you can afford it, a nice computer with a copy of WoW on it. If you are separated by distance, weekly visits on a nice, quiet PvE server can be a whole lot of fun.

Are you a WoW mom? Does your mom play WoW? Are you part of one of the many families who game together? Tell us your stories!

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