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Resumes hint at (probably canceled) DJ game from Harmonix

Everyone and their mother is throwing their hat into to DJ-based rhythm gaming ring, attempting to exploit a few untapped veins of lucrative ludo-musical ore. With Activision, Scratch, Deep Silver and ... some guy all working on turntable-centric titles, some might be wondering where Harmonix's record-spinning offering is. If a couple of resumes recently dug up by superannuation are any indication, said offering does exist -- but is stuck in some sort of time vortex, forever imprisoned in 2005.

Said resumes belong to Laura Smith, whose experience include modeling for a 2005 Harmonix project titled "Hip Hop DJ," and Kim Simeone, a Motion Capture Director for Harmonix's "M2 Hip Hop," also supposedly developed in 2005. We doubt these two entries are a coincidence, and have contacted Harmonix to find out whether they did indeed plan on trying their hand at Mix Mastering back in aught-five.

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