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Eidos Montreal confirms Thief 4, 'worst kept secret' in industry

It's May 11th. You know what that means! Right: It's the 60th anniversary of the name "Thailand" which replaced the country's previous name, "Siam" in 1949.

... Also, Eidos Montreal confirmed its second project today, just like it promised last week. Up next from the studio currently cranking on Deus Ex 3? Thief 4, of course. And no, we're not prescient. Eidos Montreal even calls the announcement "the worst kept secret in the industry."

Details on the sneak-em-up sequel are scarce, with dishing out ... well, another teaser site. No platforms. No release window. Nada. What you do get: A "general discussion" forum, where you can advise Eidos Montreal on the development of Thief 4. Here, we'll get you started: "HEY EIDOS, DON'T MESS UP THIEF, OKAY?"

We'll update as we learn more.

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