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Motorola announces W7 Active Edition for fitness and sporting enthusiasts

Laura June

Sure, we were a little hard on it back when we first saw its rumored, horrifying existence but it turns out our nightmare scenario has come true: the W7 exists. The one we're seeing above however, has had at least a little sexy added to it -- ditching the three-part color scheme for blackish silver -- and it also has 3G which lessens the pain a little. The fitness and sporting targeted handset sports an accelerometer, which can be used to do all sorts of things like silence the ringer and pause or restart the tunes on a run, and it also boasts a pedometer for those of you who like to enumerate every step you take. The W7 (which will be available in white as well) is going to be available by June of this year in Asia and Latin America, but there's no word on pricing or availability elsewhere. There is one more shot after the break -- if you dare.

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