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New Tony Hawk game to be revealed May 15

Justin McElroy

There was a time when we journalists had to go digging through people's trashcans to get the hot scoop. Now, our news is hand delivered to us by the Twitter feeds of celebrities. This is truly a great era.

Tony Hawk just Tweeted that his latest game would be revealed on the May 15 episode of GameTrailers TV, saying, "I have been harboring the secret long enough." Yeah, another Tony Hawk game is being made. We're so glad he could get that off his chest. Can't imagine the burden.

Speaking of "really well kept secrets", we figure there's a good chance he's talking about Tony Hawk Adrenaline, the possibly Balance Board-based, non-Neversoft title due out this year. ... Now Tony, what's the secret, exactly?

[Thanks, Marcus]

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