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Telltale talks episodic content on Wii


Telltale Games (Sam & Max, Strong Bad) CEO Dan Connors mentioned in a recent interview that WiiWare "requires the most planning" of the online console marketplaces. In fairness, though, he explains that all the current console makers' online storefronts attempt to make content relatable to the audience. Connors notes that Strong Bad was "perfect" for Nintendo, which we're sure has a little bit to do with the enhanced sales after Nintendo's "storage solution" was introduced.

Connors doesn't make any further announcements for Telltale's brand of episodic gaming for the Wii, but he does say that the company will continue to evolve the adventure genre and feels the developer will continue growing the adventure genre for "years to come." A positive sign for more potential Telltale titles on the Wii front, perhaps?

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