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Energy Sistem rolls out speaker-equipped 30xx series PMPs


Energy Sistem usually keeps things as sparse as possible with its budget-minded PMPs, but the company looks to be trying out a few new tricks with its 30xx series of players, which pack a not-so-discreet speaker on the front and some decent enough specs all around. That includes a 1.8-inch LCD, up to 16GB of storage, an FM tuner, a built-in mic, dual headphone jacks, and support for all the basic audio / video formats, not to mention Microsoft's newfangled PlayFX sound enhancement thingamajig. No word on a release 'round here, as you might have guessed, but folks in at least some parts of Europe can apparently pick this one up now in their choice of a range of colors for €109, or about $149.

[Via PMP Today]

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