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id Software maintains 'games first, licenses second' approach with idTech 5

Jem Alexander

Sure, id Tech 5 may be an impressive piece of middleware which manages to get 90% of game code working across PC, Mac and the more powerful consoles, but if you're going to be a licensee you have to be special. id Software's CEO, Tedd Hollenshead, has told Gamasutra that the company's "philosophy really hasn't changed from what it's always been, which is games first, licenses second." Rage and Doom 4 are currently id Software's top priority.

In terms of licensing the engine out to developers id Software has been focusing on "targeting developers" and "working with them on an individual basis," rather than offering it out to anyone with a devkit. Hollenshead says the company's "philosophy on that has been that we'd rather have a small number of good-fit, high-quality developer licensees than a bunch that aren't really good fits." Makes perfect sense to us, and could save id Software some legal heartache in the long run.

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