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iPhone-controlled R2D2


It's impossible not to love a blog post that begins, "I found a way to remote control my R2D2 with an iPhone."

The video above shows the author, ggpipe, using the iPhone's accelerometer to control R2's dome. Pretty cool. In the future, he plans to use the phone to send text to R2's logic displays. We love it and can't wait to see a fully assembled, iPhone-powered R2D2!

It's great to see people extending the iPhone's capabilities, and homegrown remotes are a cool choice. A couple of weeks ago, we posted a story about a guy who turned his iPhone into an R/C aircraft controller, and last year we saw Delphi's Wireless Vehicle Access software that lets you control many of your car's functions. Keep up the good work, everyone!

[Via Rick Yaeger]

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