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New movie shows a grisly future for MMOs

Jon Shute

Kotaku are reporting that the trailer for a new game related movie have been released. Simply called Gamer, which is a change from it's original name of Game. It stars Gerard Butler, whose film credits range from a high of starring in 300, through the cult favorite Reign of Fire, and down to the less impressive films such as the title role in Dracula 2000. It is set in a future where a millionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall of Dexter fame) has created a massively popular multi-player online game called Slayers in which hundreds of people battle. The twist is that the players are actually controlling death row inmates, and not just characters in the game as they think. Butler stars as the hero who is caught between Castle and the resistance who are trying to take down the game all while being controlled by his wealthy player. This film looks like it could be considered a remake of Running Man for computer game generation.

Gamer is currently scheduled for release on September 4th this year in the US and UK with a staged release across Europe throughout that month. According to some pre-release screenings the film may not be destined to become one of the stand out hits of the year.

Check after the break for the English language trailer.

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