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Ryzom reverting to paid subscription

Ryzom, originally slated to be shut down, was saved from going offline by Winch Gate Property, Ltd. From there, there have been two large updates to fix bugs and add new features to the game over the last 8 months. Now, the team behind Ryzom have let us know that they're ready to move the game back to a subscription model. By doing this, they hope to be able to fund further development on the game for the community, and also allow for more events.

The subscriptions will start at $10.95 per month, with a discount for multiple-month subscriptions. Added to that, they're also planning to offer a three-week free trial for current Ryzom players to hook their friends in with! The new trial also doesn't restrict play or levels, allowing any interested new players to really see what Ryzom's 'science-fantasy' world is all about. We're glad to see another MMO staying online, and hope to hear about more exciting things happening in Ryzom's future.

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