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The Daily Grind: Do you play MMOs on a PC or console?

Lesley Smith

It seems a trend is forming. MMOs were traditionally the stuff of PCs simply because of the mouse and keyboard. But now all consoles, from the Wii to the PS3, are becoming more PC-like with the ability to connect to the internet and chat to your friends while you play. This means titles like Free Realms will start on PC but they will also head console-side, in this case the PS3. We've seen controllers used to play PC games with mixed results and many publishers have shied away from consoles, however powerful they might be or lucrative the releases.

Now personally I prefer playing on PC simply because it's more comfortable to do so at my desk with two 27" screens that are at eye level. There's something awkward about having my nose pressed against a flat screen TV playing on a controller or balancing a keyboard on my knees, and I'm still trying to find a place for the mouse. In the past couple of years, we've seen numerous games jump from console to PC thanks to Games for Windows, but now titles are starting to make the reverse jump. We've got DC Universe Online and The Agency to look forward to, and that's just this year. What I want to know, constant readers, is which format you prefer? Do you like the idea of playing on your 360 or PS3? Do the controllers bug you or are you a PC purist?

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