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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best demo material to show off my new home theater?


It's a proven fact: one of the main things pushing Blu-ray to the forefront is our need to show off the latest and greatest in home theater tech. Our boy Thomas has a related question that we've surely all faced, once everything is picked out, plugged in and calibrated, what do you watch? As he puts it:

"I've finally finished piecing together the best home theater (my) money can buy. Plasma display, Denon receiver, brand new 5.1 speaker setup and even some new furniture. My friends want to come by and see the new setup, but even with my satellite DVR, a large DVD library and a few Blu-ray discs I don't know what to show 'em to put my system to the test properly."

We've got you Thomas, one of the greatest pleasures of getting new equipment is blowing the minds of friends / neighbors / random people off the street. We're sure you have a disc, favorite channel or one DVR program stored away just for that purpose - let us in on the secret.

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