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Japanese mag teases Kojima announcement on May 18

Jem Alexander

A teaser image found in a Japanese magazine by GameTrailers forum member "hweita" indicates that we'll be hearing more -- ie, something -- about Kojima Productions' next project very soon. As you can see above, the image shows a field below a gathering storm. The URL underneath the date currently doesn't exist, but no doubt it will be up and ready for us to view on Monday, May 18.

This corresponds somewhat -- though not entirely -- with the email that was received by 1Up just yesterday. The email contained the same URL, though the indication was that the reveal was only three days away on May 15. Regardless, it's clear we'll be hearing something within the next week that will explain the image above.

We could spend another hundred words or so speculating about what the game might be but instead we want to hear what you think. See something in those clouds that could indicate what's coming? Does something in the image scream Metal Gear Solid 5? Highlight, trace and annotate the full size version of the image and send it to us, along with your Joystiq username. We'll be using the best ideas in an upcoming feature, so keep an eye out for that.

[Thanks, The Answer]

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