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Mio Spirit TV spotted in the wild doling out routes, serving soap operas

Darren Murph

While we Yanks are stuck with overpriced PNDs that suck down weather forecasts and pretend to alert us of upcoming traffic problems, folks overseas are using their navigators to watch fresh episodes of Top Gear. Navman, better known these days as Mio, has just outed two new satnav devices across the pond, both of which sport a built-in Freeview TV tuner, Bluetooth, Google search, walking mode and loads of POIs. The Spirit TV will arrive in both 4.7- and 7-inch flavors, with expected pricing hovering in the £200 ($306) to £300 ($459) range. For obvious reasons, we aren't expecting this one to head Stateside anytime soon, but those camping out in a Freeview territory should feel free to hit the read link for more hands-on shots.

Update: Slashgear got some hands-on video with the device, and considering that the TV tuner is modular, we could feasibly see a US-friendly one installed and shipped here. Yes, please. Thanks, Chris!

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