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Mio's Moov S501 and S401 finally go legit


After Mio basically non-confirmed / confirmed these to us in April, letting us know the pricing was off, but saying nothing else about the leak, it was really just a matter of time until the two navigators broke into the realm of officialdom. The Moov S401 and S501 bring 4.3-inch and 4.7-inch displays, respectively, along with a new "Spirit" interface and some new functionality like Google Send-to-GPS, NavPix for pulling location from geo-tagged photos, text-to-speech for spoken street names and MioMore 2 PC software for calculating mileage and fuel economy. The S501 is Mio's thinnest PND ever at 0.64-inches, and includes 12 million POIs, while the S401 is inexplicably thicker at 0.71-inches, with 4 million POIs. They go for $200 and $180, respectively, and will go on sale in June.

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