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Stargate Worlds studio head gates to Gazillion


Dan Elggren, studio head of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, is heading over to Gazillion Entertainment. CME is the studio responsible for Stargate Worlds, a game that always seems to skirt the edge of being Wraith-sucked in the womb. TenTonHammer has a quote from the Elggren's family blog (now locked), where it's revealed that over 100 employees have left CME since October and Elggren was no longer being paid. Allegedly, Stargate Worlds is only a few months from launch.

We've contacted Gazillion for official word of what Elggren will do at the company. Hopefully, this time around, he'll get paid until he ships the product -- and, if it's not a colossal failure, maybe even after.

[Via Massively]

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