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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed


Microsoft "Pink" specs leak out: Tegra, Snapdragon, OMAP 3, oh my?
Ready for some more delicious Zune / Windows Mobile rumors? Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet says she's got specs for Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1, the heart of that rumored "Pink" smartphone, and they're pretty wild.
SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone coming shortly: $29.99, no 3G support
After what has become one of the longer (and certainly one of the highest-profile) App Store approval delays, SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone has finally gotten Apple's blessing -- with some serious changes under the hood.
JVC debuts 8K / 4K prototype camcorders, moviemakers drool
Aw, snap. Just when you thought the 4K market couldn't get any more dominated by RED and the gang, along comes JVC to shake things up.
Other news of import
How to install a CableCARD tuner in your DIY Media Center
Access to premium HD on computers has eluded most for way to long, so as soon as we heard that it was finally possible for anyone to add a CableCARD tuner to just about any Media Center, we just knew we had to try it for ourselves.
Acer's DX900 and X960 WinMo smartphones now available
They're no F1, but Acer's rolling out a whole slew of Windows Mobile- and Android-powered smartphones this year -- and another gruesome twosome of the bunch is now hitting store shelves around the world.

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