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Black Prophecy interview details impact of clan resources on PvP

James Egan

Fans of sci-fi MMOs looking for something a tad less complex than EVE Online have much to look forward to in the coming months and years, first with the joystick-style game Jumpgate Evolution and, further down the road, with Black Prophecy from Reakktor Media. We came across an interview (in German) with Reakktor Media CEO Kirk Lenke at OnlineWelten titled "Volle Kraft voraus" that might interest gamers hoping to learn more about Black Prophecy. For our non German-speaking readers, that's "full speed ahead" and the interview has been translated into English and posted on the Black Prophecy forums by a community member named Renfield.

The OnlineWelten interview hits on much of what Massively covered when we spoke with Black Prophecy's development director, but also looks at clans (guilds) and the advantages that membership can provide for players.

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Lenke specifically mentions how space stations will factor into the game experience. "A clan station will contain several functions," he says. "Beginning with a dock where the member can change their ships, a shared depot with access right management, living quarters that define the member capacity of a clan and many more. The larger the living quarters are, the more members can join the clan. These functions can be increased by using better or bigger module versions. Some modules are only available to clans who [have] reached a specific clan level." He adds, "If we [will] make it possible to attack clan stations is still under discussion."

Lenke also mentions that while clan stations may (or may not) be conquerable, resource stations can be conquered by clans. OnlineWelten asked if it would be possible for certain clans to seize control of resources and establish monopolies. This doesn't seem to be in the cards with Black Prophecy, as clan resources will generally be used for the benefit of the faction the clan is aligned with. Lenke says, "Resources are also a kind of tax for the factions. A part of the resources gained by clans have to be handed over to its faction."

He also explains how resource acquisition ties in with PvP in Black Prophecy. Lenke says, "These resources will be used in big PvP faction battles and define how the faction member can respawn during the fight. Furthermore clans have to invest resources to fight other clans. This also defines how often the clan members can respawn at their base within the combat area. So, clans can have an influence in the game world... more as strengthening their own faction than building an economic monopoly."

For more details about the game, you can read the original interview in German at OnlineWelten, conducted by Marco "Gnoos" Neubert, or the English translation found on the official Black Prophecy forums.

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