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Nokia's swiveling wonder for Verizon passes FCC?

Chris Ziegler

Here's what we know: a Nokia RM-526 (all Nokia handsets receive internal RM codes in addition to their consumer-friendly marketing model numbers) just passed the FCC, and the outline of the device pictured in the FCC ID label documentation makes it look a little... shall we say, "weird." In fact, had we not been privy to earlier rumors of a squarish swivelphone from Nokia destined for Verizon, we'd almost think we were looking at a wireless router or some sort of accessory -- but nope, we think this is a phone. It's a dual-band CDMA device, which certainly jibes with what Verizon would need; we're still having a devil of a time picturing a Series 40-based Sidekick-esque Nokia with CDMA support in our heads, but we'll get used to the concept eventually. Maybe.

[Via Cell Phone Signal]

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