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ATC's P1 amplifier gives its passive speakers some teeth

Steven Kim

We tend to associate the ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company) brand with active speaker systems, but the British firm has a number of passive speakers in its lineup as well. You just know with its powered speaker heritage, the company has some definite opinions about what kind of amp to partner up with those passive loudspeakers, and it's a safe bet that ATC's own P1 amp would come highly recommended, indeed. The dual mono, Class A/B juicebox boasts 150-Watts (into 8-Ohms) and specs out at better than 110dB signal to noise ratio with distortion way down at -95dB. Definitely a piece for the well-heeled, the $3,700 P1 also packs the XLR inputs that will keep your British audiophile cred intact.

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