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Ghostbusters dev targeting more Infernal Engine licensees this year

Jason Dobson

Terminal Reality hopes other developers ain't afraid of licensing the studio's Infernal Engine to use on future projects. In fact, the Ghostbusters dev's VP of sales and marketing, Joe Kreiner, tells that his goal is to secure "at least another half a dozen to a dozen within the next year, at minimum." An attainable goal, according to Kreiner, which if achieved would put the number of customers in Terminal Reality's containment unit somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve since the middleware first opened up to developers in February.

Rather than a short-term solution, Kreiner further notes that the Infernal Engine was designed to work across multiple CPUs and SPUs, something the marketing chief believes "future-proofs" the tech for use on later console platforms down the line. In the short term, however, he adds that Ghostbusters shows off the engine "really well." Hopefully other studios will come calling now that the game's publisher merry-go-round has (hopefully) stopped ahead of the title's anticipated June launch.

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