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Leaked images from Factor 5's Wii 'flight' game


Click image for more almost-made gameness
With Factor 5 closing its doors in the US, it's uncertain whether the games that were in development there will be moved to its German studio, or if the titles will be scrapped entirely. Courtesy of Unseen64, we have some concept art from a flight game the company was working on for Wii.

Supposedly, these are images created using the Wii version of Factor 5's Lair Engine, though that is unconfirmed. Based on the images, however, we can glean that the game would have had players visiting several different parts of the world, as there's a few images striking an amazing resemblance to Big Ben.

We've put in word to Factor 5 for comment, but we're hoping the employees have already set sail toward a brighter future, much like the Crimson Permanent Assurance. Sadly, real life isn't as fun ...

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