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Datel gets first stab at third party memory card for Xbox 360, supports microSD expansion


After ages of monopolizing most of its add-on market for the 360, it looks like Microsoft is letting up a bit. Datel just came out with two new MAX Memory cards that are compatible with the console, in 2GB and 4GB capacities. That's all well and boring, but the potential excitement here is that cards can also be augmented by a microSD slot, with support for up to 16GB cards, for some trippy card-within-a-card hijinks, and what might be one of the best portals for hackers yet. Or perhaps not, since it seems likely that Microsoft wouldn't open up what it knew to be a major security hole, and given the numerous other interfaces with the console, the 360 is still pretty well on lockdown for the average user, after almost four years on the market. At least this should provide a slightly more flexible hard drive alternative for folks who don't want to shell out for Microsoft's overpriced humps. The Datel cards start at $40.

[Via Engadget Spanish]

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