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Poll: Best LCD backlighting choice?


Last week we took a peek into plans for future HDTVs, but it's 2009 and for buying an HDTV in the here and now there's only a few flat panel choices - while plasma definitely has its fans, facts are gentlemen (and most buyers) seem to prefer LCDs. As seen at CES, every manufacturer has kicked the competition for backlighting and image quality up a notch, with higher quality CCFL backlighting and even LED trickling to lower end brands, most notably Vizio's planned $2,000 55-inch HDTV due later this year. Further confusing things, though Samsung will also have an updated local dimming LED backlit line on shelves later this year, it's currently touting slim, energy efficient edge lit LED models, despite their slightly lower picture quality, while some top of the line LCDs with older CCFL lighting keep pumping out high quality pictures. So we bring the question to you, of the technologies currently on the market, which one has you convinced it's a good buy?

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