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Rumorong: Battlefield Heroes not heading to PS3/360 [update]


Though we're running this one under the "likely an error and probably not a hot scoop" category, a listing for Battlefield Heroes on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has appeared on the EA press site. Pointed out by GOONLINE (their caps, not ours), the listing posits a June 2009 release date -- interesting considering the PC version of the game has been marred by delays. The site also pegs the PC version with a September release, a significantly more solid release date than EA has provided as of late.

At this point, however, we'd like to note that the game's developer, DICE, has stated before its lack of interest in console ports of the game, telling a year ago, "We could port the engine and do it, I just don't know what we would gain from it. Everyone's who's [sic] got a 360 or PS3 also will have a PC that can run this game." We've reached out for comment from EA and will update you when we hear more.

Update: As expected, EA's Ben Cousins has shot the rumor down.

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