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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

New York Times: Palm Pre to launch in the first week of June
Guys, guess what? The Palm Pre is really, seriously, totally coming out, like, super soon.
Slim PS3 update: mysterious Chinese firm issues a cease and desist... to Engadget
You know, one of these days, someone at one of these big companies is going to get this right.
Apple may (or may not) be mulling background apps for the iPhone
Whether it be case materials and design, native iPhone app development, or video support on the iPod, Apple's not a company to apologize for drastically (and suddenly) changing course.
Other news of import
How do you like your TiVo, with bleeps & bloops or without?
This isn't one of our polls but it's a worth question: TiVo users, do you leave your unit's distinctive bleeps and bloops on, or turn them off?
Nokia rolls out 2720, 2730, and 7020 on the low end
Nokia has a tendency to roll out its low-end fare in big batches -- you might think of it as the polar opposite of, say, an NTT DoCoMo launch -- and the trend continues today.

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