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This Wednesday: Blazing Birds and Gel: Set & Match [update]


This week on Xbox Live Arcade we get two new games, Blazing Birds and Gel: Set & Match. The latter is the latest game from NinjaBee Gastronaut Studios. It's a puzzle game that (shockingly) requires players to destroy colorful blocks. After a quick search around the internets -- Blazing Birds doesn't have an page just yet -- it appears that the former is a game in which robots play badminton, an idea which is about on par with grandmas playing electric guitars. Could be awesome, could be awful. We'll just have to wait and see.

Both games will run 800 ($10). Major Nelson now says Blazing Birds will clock in at 400 ($5) with Gel: Set & Match priced at 800 ($10).

Update: Gel: Set & Match was developed by Gastronaut Studios, not NinjaBee. Pricing changed.

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