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This Week on the Nintendo Channel: 300 VC games (and growing)


That's right, folks, the Virtual Console celebrates its 300th game this week with Majora's Mask. And what better way to celebrate such a volume of games than by counting down all of those that lead up to Majora's Mask? So feast your eyes on the video above, then head past the break to see what other goodies the Nintendo Channel brings us this week.

DS demos

  • NARUTO Shippuden: Ninja Council 4 (expires 5/24/09)
  • Knights in the Nightmare Tutorial Demo (expires 5/24/09)
  • Puffins: Island Adventure (expires 5/24/09)
  • Up (expires 5/24/09)
Video content
  • Virtual Console shows off all 300 games!
  • Punch-Out!! Little Mac
  • Punch-Out!! Doc Louis
  • Punch-Out!! Launch Trailer
  • Developer's Tournament 2 - Punch-Out!!
  • My Slice of Rhythm Heaven #1
  • EA Sports Active - Bob Greene Resolutions
  • Cursed Mountain Video 3
  • Wacky World of Sports Info Video
  • Crystal Defenders R2 Info Video
  • Drama Queens Info Video

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