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US Cellular's battery swap program puts a new charge in your handset, for free

Darren Murph

Ever dreamt of keeping a phone so long that the original battery went kaput? And, during that same dream, did your loving, compassionate carrier decide to bless you with a second battery for free? No need to keep dozing, as regional operator US Cellular has decided to show up the big boys by introducing its Battery Swap program. Launching tomorrow, the initiative enables customers to come into any US Cellular store and "change out a dead or dying battery for a fully-charged one, for free." Needless to say, the firm is pretty stoked about being the only wireless carrier in America to offer such a service, though you should know that only phones which have been purchased within the last 18 months are eligible. Sounds fair enough to us -- so, when's everyone else jumping on this bandwagon? Bueller...?

[Thanks, Kristofer]

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