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Flat panel TVs at the heart of furniture accidents

Steven Kim

Normally when we hear about children and flat panel displays not mixing, we think of "look with your eyes, not your hands" lessons spelled out in fingerprints on the TV. A recent study, however, has turned up an increased number of furniture-related accidents involving children and is pointing a finger right at flat panel displays. According to the study, almost half of the accidents reported involved a TV falling onto a child (we'd love to see what portion involved shoddy particle board furniture). That über-thin new set of yours is easy on the eyes, but don't be fooled -- with its narrow base and high center of gravity (or suspect mounting), it's a dangerous animal waiting to pounce on the little ones. All kidding aside, if you can't keep the kids from climbing the furniture and gadgets, at least make sure you set the TV up safely; or you could opt for a sturdy CRT-based RPTV or a ceiling mounted projector.
[Via DigitalLanding]

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