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VC Tuesday: Cyber Deer Hunt


This week, the lone WiiWare release is a deer hunting game from Arc System Works. We would have expected such a game to come from an American publisher first, so we're a bit surprised to see ASW premiere it in Japan. Not surprised enough to pay that much attention.

Our attention is fixed, instead, firmly on the Virtual Console. Between the proto-strategy game Famicom Wars and Namco's arcade arena combat game Cyber Sled, it's a pretty awesome week to have a Wii in Japan. Even if we're pretty sure the Virtual Console Arcade version of Cyber Sled can't have multiplayer (since the arcade game used separate cabinets for each player).

Virtual Console:
  • Shikagari (Hunting) (1-4 players, 500 Wii Points)
[Image via The Arcade Flyer Archive]

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