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Zoe Mode expands to US, takes along two Sony vets

Majed Athab

From Brighton, to London, and now San Francisco, Kuju Entertainment's Zoë Mode studio (developer of You're in the Movies, Crush and Rock Revolution) is ever-expanding. All this, despite initial foreboding that hovered over its parent company earlier this year.

At the helm of the new US Zoë Mode office in San Francisco are two former SCEA employees: US SingStar Senior Producer Sarah Stocker and former EA/SCEA employee Mark Danks. With a team like this, it seems likely that this new ZM studio will have a strong focus on music games, although ZM worldwide general manager, Ed Daly, told "In addition to the increasingly crowded singing and dancing, peripheral-based music games, we are interested in exploring some new territory." Aw, and we were so looking forward to Rock Revolution 2.

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