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European Resistance 2 Home space available ... now?

Jem Alexander

The Resistance 2 Home space is now available to visit in Europe, according to an SCEE press release. However, we've checked and the content doesn't yet seem to be available. Clearly, this press release must have been sent from the future. While our timeline attempts to converge with SCEE's, at least you can check out the gallery full of screenshots below and the video above.

You'll need to be over 18 to access the Resistance Home space, but once inside you can take part in a minigame which tasks you with fending off waves of Chimeran aerial forces from the Chicago Railway Station with a "four-barrelled quick-repeating turret gun." It's no 12-guage double-barrelled Remington, but it'll do.

Additionally, the first 3,000 visitors to find and input a hidden promotional code in the space will obtain a Resistance 2 in-Home t-shirt. Once the space actually goes live, that is ...

Update: The PlayStation Blog has updated with some more information about the space, as well as to state that it will be available in America on May 21. It will also feature Resistance 2 game-launching.

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