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Nokia's 6600i brings 3G, big camera without any nostalgia

Chris Ziegler

Back when you were nothing more than a twinkle in your daddy's eye, the Nokia 6600 was among the first S60 devices ever to reach American shores when it launched on T-Mobile in 2004. The 6600i of today, though, is a very different beast -- a Series 40 handset that Nokia hails as its smallest and lightest 5 megapixel slider to date. Besides the cam, you've got 15fps VGA video recording, dual-band UMTS with quadband EDGE, Bluetooth, microSD expansion, and a QVGA display clocking in at a tight 2.2 inches. It'll be available in "select markets" next quarter for €200 (about $273) -- but honestly, it'll never take the place of the beloved 6600 in our hearts.

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