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PSA: Personal Trainer: Walking ambles into stores next week


We didn't realize that the release date for Nintendo's DS exercise program Personal Trainer: Walking was approaching so quickly, probably because Nintendo has said little about the game since announcing it in October. Nintendo announced today that the game will be in stores on May 26, which is next Tuesday. We figure that if had sneaked up on us, it may have eluded your attention as well.

Three reasons you may be interested in Personal Trainer: Walking.

  1. It's the first DS game that allows you to use Miis, either created in-game or imported from the Wii.
  2. Gadgets! Walking includes two pedometers that wirelessly transmit your step numbers into the game. Also, according to the press release, you can attach one to a dog's collar and tabulate the dog's exercise habits.
  3. Maybe you like walking. We don't know.

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